• If you own your land we will pay you a cash offer or do a multi-year lease
  • We can custom engineer a billboard to fit just about anywhere.
  • Licensed, bonded, insured with Engineered Structures
  • We render the signs to the taxing authority so you don’t pay
  • We leave the area like it was prior to us building.
  • Do you currently own a billboard sign and want to sell it?

Do you have a Billboard sign for sale and you need to sell it now, call me. I will go and review it and see if it fits into our plans.


I will make you an offer based on the monthly income it produces. We can obtain financing from a bank or a great option is for you to owner finance us your billboard with easement or long term lease and instead of the bank making the extra income, you will by owner financing it to us.

We will pay you a percentage agreed down, We will then close all deals at a title company where the billboard is located. You will be a lien holder of the billboard and easement. We have excellent credit and references. We have been established for over 20 successful years. We are a Texas owned and operated business with family history dating back to early Americana days.  We are proud of our heritage and our business that was started in 1993 with our first billboard being installed in Mt Pleasant Texas. Our family tree reaches to pre Alamo days. We’re here to stay.

When trying to sell your billboard sign, please price it accordingly. I know there are websites that claim its worth several hundred thousand dollars and want you to buy there book and get a t-shirt but it is still just an income bearing property. Like a commercial property you simply take the net monthly income and multiply it by a certain number of years agreed upon to come up with the selling price.  A deal wont work if your billboard has 100.00 a month light  bill and 200.00 a month land lease, 200.00 a year tax and it produces only 300.00 a month income, and you want 100,000.00 We don’t pay a gross multiple. It has to work for both parties. Come to us with a real deal and you will get real cash. We do not jump other company leases and are not interested in that type of deal. We want truthful good honest dealings with no hidden secrets or false billing. We are strict in our policies to protect  our business and yours.

I hope to hear from you soon !

James Martinez


Discover Outdoor.com  Purchase of Prospera Billboard Holdings Inc     Nov 2013 Greenville Texas