Permenant Billboards

Discover Outdoor Advertising has 150 Permanent billboard locations to help your business grow.

A permanent billboard bulletin usually requires a long term commitment of 6, 12, 24, 36 month advertising term.

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30 Sheet Wraps

vinyl30 Sheet POSTER wrap NORTH TEXAS 30 Day Showing
25 Showing       500.00 Per Panel Per 30 Day ad run.
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Lamar County Paris Texas
Fannin County Bonham Texas
Hunt County Campbell Texas
Red River Clarksville Texas
Hopkins County Sulphur Springs
Quinlan Texas
Wills Point
Henderson Texas
Hugo Oklahoma
Antlers Oklahoma
Broken Bow Oklahoma
Idabel Oklahoma


The human eye is highly attracted to movement and anything that is unique. So when we catch a glimpse of movement on a huge billboard in Paris Texas, we tend to take a second look at the billboard sign that we may have not noticed the first time. Our curiosity captures us into the moving billboard while we patiently wait to see all of the messages on the tri-action sign.

” Tri Vision billboard advertising boost name recognition 15 times greater than any other form of advertising.”
Product Acceptance and Research, Inc.

Spot Billboard Advertising
Spot advertising is any advertising in a selected geographic area called a market that does not appear on a national scale. Spot advertising is an attempt to brand a message to a captive viewership to entice a response to patronize a business or purchase a particular product.
Spot advertising on Billboards gives the advertiser the ability reach a large number of people throughout the market or focus the message in a smaller area, reaching a section of the market and touching individuals in a particular neighborhood.Audience
  • The audience is determined by the interest of the particular buyer. Regionally, your advertisement might strike the interest of a portion of the market but not the entire area. Locally, an advertiser can peak the interest of a buyer on a small scale where the product or service might only have meaning to a small group or a neighborhood of people. Our Tri Vision Billboard offer movement which captures the readers eyes. Movement of the billboard immediately gets your message read, and looked at
  • longer than a stationary billboard that the driver has to intentionally look at.
Discover TRI-VISION Billboards,
We offer special one month to yearly terms with turn key advertising, design installation all included
30 DAY SPOT-   $  1000.00
6 month SPOT –   $ 3000.00
12 month SPOT-  $ 4800.00
Your Tri-vision billboard ad comes with movement every 10 seconds and rotates between only 2 other ads. Each ad spot is seen 60,000 times a month !
Replace your ad, with a new message costing only $ 450.00 each time you change the ad !
Location # 1  – 3005 NE loop 286 Paris Texas 75460 -Red light intersection. Stop and read the ads.
Location # 2 –  3320 NE Loop 286, Paris, TX 75460- Next to Home Depot Reads traveling SE towards Lamar Ave, Busiest part of Loop .